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Student Instructions
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  • Within ESLhome, click red or blue words (links) to take you where you want to go. You can use your browser's back-arrow key or buttons in the top left of each page to return to previously viewed pages.
  • Some buttons or links take you to a spot further down on the same page.
    NOTE: Some systems do not understand these links; you might need to use your scroll bar to move around on the page.
  • When you click on the name of a lesson or web site, your browser will leave ESLhome to enter the other internet site, using a different window (box).
  • After finishing your lesson or other activity, close the lesson window by clicking the x in the top right corner of its box, and ESLhome will still be open.

Been here before?

  • You know how to get around; go and enjoy!
  • Be sure to set your browser to refresh or reload regularly or click on your browser's refresh or reload "button" (they often have bent arrows) to view updated pages.

Feel adventurous?

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